Workshop Courses


Courses can be customized for the needs of your setting.  The typical hours needed to present material are listed below. Participants must have an appropriate background in MI to take Intro Part 2 and Intermediate/Advanced courses.

A taste of MI

This short intro to MI is designed to answer questions such as:
Is MI a fit for my work?  What's the philosophy of MI?  What is the evidence that MI works?  What are the basic tools of MI? 
It is not designed to provide training in the practice of MI,
but is a good intro to learn about whether MI is a good fit for your practice. 1-2 hours 

Introductory MI - Part I

This workshop offers participants an overview of tools used in MI, with a focus on open-ended questions, affirmations, reflections, and summaries.  MI practitioners use these tools in special ways.  In this workshop you'll learn how they all fit together and gain practice in implementing them in interviews.  3-4 Hours 

Introductory MI - Part II

In this workshop participants will learn strategies for focusing interviews and eliciting change talk. You'll learn how to manage one issue at a time when you have a client who has a plate full of crises, and the importance and skills for setting a meeting agenda.  You'll learn how to support people to talk less about why they don't want to make a change and more about the internal and external resources they have for making a change.  Participants will learn strategies for moving from engagement to problem identification, and how to support clients through the use of complex reflections in response to their expressed motivations. 3-4 Hours

Intermediate MI - Part i

This workshop offers reinforcement of introductory skills and focuses on designing plans. Participants will learn how to assess the client's readiness for change, meet them where they are, and support them through the stages of change. Training activities will focus on the planning phase, giving advice in an MI-adherent style, and supporting clients for action steps toward their goals. Participants will also learn how to manage conflict and respond to upset and angry clients. 4 hours

Intermediate MI - Part II

In this workshop participants will polish their MI skills through hands-on partner practice. Integration, troubleshooting, critique, coaching, and reinforcement are the focus of this training.  Participants will bring their case studies from the field, learn by participating in role plays and real plays, and learn about ways to integrate MI with other evidence-based practices such at CBT, Solution-focused practice, and trauma-informed care. 4 hours

Advanced MI

This workshop teaches the participant how to assess the degree to which they are adhering to MI practice through the use of fidelity checklists and reinforces previous practice.  This training is designed for practitioners who seek to incorporate MI in to all of their case practice and have used MI in the field for at least one year.  Participants are required to bring a 20-minute audio recording of an interview to the workshop. 4 hours

MI for Administrators

This workshop is designed for those who supervise practitioners who use MI. You will learn skills for supporting employees  in the use of their MI techniques in the field and learn how MI can benefit you in the supervision and middle management setting.  You will learn the basics of implementation science, practice fidelity, the science behind MI, and how to assess whether MI is helping your workers achieve desired outcomes. 3 hours


Coaching and Consulting

The best way for agencies to adopt Motivational Interviewing is through a consultation and training package.  Implementation Science supports that practitioners benefit from training the most when it is supported from the top down. Administrators and supervisors should understand and support training methods and reinforce the training by providing workers with follow-up resources.  Work processes should allow for proper implementation of the training, and supervisors can reinforce MI techniques through supervision practices. Your training dollars are more effective when you offer full implementation.

Agency consultations include the following options:

  • Supervisor Training: Training supervisors to support MI practice with workers.

  • Workplace Culture: Assessing workplace culture for MI support.

  • Implementation Science: Training administrators in evidence-based MI practice and organizational implementation.

  • Research & Assessment: Research, including fidelity, impacts on outcomes, and client satisfaction.

  • Grant Support: We can subcontract for training as part of agency funding applications for workforce development.


We aspire for transparency in our professional fees.
Please inquire if you have any questions.


On-site training at your agency includes customized scenarios designed for your workers, training handouts, and a pre-training phone consultation to prepare. Both trainers will lead the training.


  • $250 set-up per day and $200 per hour of training
  • travel, lodging and per diem for long-distance
  • Workshops accommodate up to 30 participants for experiential training (recommended)
  • Trainings accommodate up to 60 participants for lecture-based training about the spirit and philosophy of MI

Coaching & Consultation

Because of the wide range of options, individual contracts for coaching and consultation are suggested.  Coaching packages start at 3-meeting sessions, and are offered for individuals or groups. Generally, individual coaching sessions are $75 an hour and group sessions are $125 an hour.