Motivational Interviewing is designed to decrease
barriers and increase readiness to make a change.



Training options range from 2-hour tasters  to multi-day workshops. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced MI trainings are available.  See our schedule or bring us to your agency.



Research says that the best way to incorporate MI in your practice setting is to engage in ongoing coaching. We provide one-on-one and group coaching sessions to individuals and agencies.



The best way to institute an agency-wide, evidence-based practice is to incorporate it across the agency and support it from administration down. We help agencies adopt MI as an evidence-based practice.

A way of having a conversation about change.

Motivational Interviewing is a very specific way of having a conversation about change. In Motivational Interviewing, practitioners learn to elicit client change talk and reinforce it when it happens. Research says that the more clients talk about why they want to make a change, the more likely they are to stick with it. But that's not the whole story: research also says that the relationship between the practitioner and client is an essential component of client outcomes. Motivational Interviewing is a way of having a relational and connected conversation about change that moves clients toward making changes in their lives.

An evidence-based practice.

Evidence-based practices are those interventions for which a number of studies suggest that the practice leads to good outcomes for clients.  Motivational Interviewing has been researched across  many populations, from youth to older adults, and across many types of difficulties - from smoking cessation to health maintenance to opiate abuse. Anywhere that a person may be struggling with making or maintaining a change, Motivational Interviewing may be a helpful intervention.  Although Motivational Interviewing is a stand-alone intervention, it can work alongside other evidence-based approaches, such as Solution Focused Therapy or Trauma Informed Care.

A valuable
clinical skill.

Which clinicians are using Motivational Interviewing? From doctors and dentists to drug counselors and program assistants, Motivational Interviewing is being adopted across disciplines. Motivational Interviewing is a teachable and learnable framework made up of many concepts, and it takes time to learn. It cannot be taught in two hours. In fact, research says that the best way to learn Motivational Interviewing is through hands-on workshops followed by coaching or skill review and ongoing practice.  It may take some time to become skilled in Motivational Interviewing, but you can start using some of the techniques of Motivational Interviewing after just a little exposure. Motivational Interviewing works best when used consistently but even inclusion of some of the tools can improve how you work with the people you serve.